Artistic Experimentation and Political Culture in the Age of Networks

event date: 30 May 2014 organiser: & mi2 post date - 14 Jun 2014


This lecture traces the history of raves, illegal parties and protests in its percolation through independent media (video, pirate radio, flyers, record labels, zines, small press). It considers the 'personal' discoveries and employment history of a suburban self subject to differing articulations of radicality in interrelated cultural and political milieus of the time. The talk concludes with some reflections on the sedimentation of this history in contemporary media and political culture....

event date: 29 May 2014 organiser:, Novi Sad & Howard Slater, London post date - 13 Jun 2014


The title of the reader
Faculty of De-programming for Obsolescence! Welcome!

(.pdf of the reader could be downloaded at this page)

The reader is made within and after the (anti-) conference Faculty of De-programming for Obsolescence! Welcome!, which was held on February 27&28th 2014, in the Youth Center CK13 in Novi Sad, in production and organization by

Editors of the reader and of the conference: Howard Slater &

Content of the reader:
You too can be a leftist activist!, 2nd part: Leftist conferences and summer schools, Group for Orgonetherapy by Communism
‘Sitting In’- from Autodidacticism to Unconsciousness Raising, Howard Slater
Antiuniversity of London – An Introduction to Deinstitutionalisation, Jakob Jakobsen
The Case of Thwarted (Doctoral) Work, Nikoleta Marković
A Place for Competence, Petar Atanacković
Dietzgen’s Monism Enters the Twentieth Century, Fabian Tompsett
To Make It Happen – Communicating With the Invisible, Kasper Opstrup
Anti-historicism of Anti-/-Free University, Branka Ćurčić
A Feast in February, 1971/2014, Zoran Gajić


post date - 11 Jun 2014 by Mute, London


Image: Character mask of capital? Egypt's new president el-Sisi embodies the identity of capital and army

While much analysis has emphasised the flexible, precarious and improvisatory subjectivities of neoliberal ‘post-fordist’ society, the post-crunch period demonstrates that militarism, graft, and un-free labour are just as crucial for contemporary accumulation. In a detailed analysis of the role of the army in the Egyptian economy, L.S. reveals a state with a vast military-industrial complex based as much on private-public partnerships and a flexibly industrial army of capital as on a growing reserve army of labour (by Mute eds.).

organiser: Multimedijalni institut i, post date - 11 Jun 2014


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Produktivni subjekt Pierrea Machereyja, što je tek drugi prevod ovog važnog francuskog filozofa na naše jezike nakon Teorije književne proizvodnje (1979.)

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